Basis for the Conlang, ‘Ighlah Chay’

From: Purpose and Structure of an Experimental Language:

Here follows a list of core concepts of Ighlah philosophy and culture:

1. Each individual inherently exists in a separate universe all their own.

2. Life is to exist in another’s universe as well.

3. A primary purpose of life is to connect; with the world in which one is alive, with others also alive in that world, with the creator of the universe in which one is alive, etc.

4. Connection permits one to share of and expand their universe, especially through communication and creative efforts, permitting enrichment for others, and, potentially, permitting enrichment of worlds in which they are alive or have lived.

5. Connection permits one to enrich one’s own universe through experience with others, and through experiences provided by others, and through exploration and contemplation of worlds and universes in which one is, or has been, alive.

6. The greater the number and quality of connections, the richer a world becomes.

7. Existence precedes thought.

8. Thought precedes energy.

9. Energy precedes form.

10. Form influences energy.

11. Energy influences thought.

12. Thought influences existence.

From this, I decided that the following are probably the most fundamental functional points:

1. I have a universe that is all my own and is not this one.

2. There is also this universe.

3. Others are also each of a universe all their own, which is neither this one nor mine.

4. Existence, thought, energy, and form both separate and interrelate in such ways that they may make dandy categories.

Thus, I used these points to create a matrix…

The points within this matrix provide the basic ideas from which Ighlah Chay is built.

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